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Character Sheets – Warriors & Adults

It is extremely important for us to make sure that we, not only teach great martial arts and self-defense skills, but that we also help each of our students learn more within their walk with God. In this regard, we feel that helping our students build their character to be more Christ-like is so much more important than teaching them to punch and kick. Think about it…if a person consistently demonstrates things like respect, self-control, compassion, courtesy, etc., wouldn’t you think that the likelihood of having to use physical self-defense skills would be lower?

Each month in the Warrior and Adults classes, there will be a worksheet that will cover the Character Trait of the month. The questions on the worksheet are designed to make you think about the trait and how to apply it to your life. You should take a little time each month to answer the questions on the worksheet. You will also need to memorize the verse at the bottom of the worksheet and recite it to your instructor when you turn in your completed worksheet. Worksheets and verses are due prior to the end of each month.

Each worksheet is numbered and color-coded. Do the color sheets that match your current belt color. There are 9 Character Trait sheets per belt level, as it typically takes 9 months to move from one level to the next. So new students should start with White #1, which is Respect, for their first month of training. The following month, they would do White #2, which is Focus. They would continue in this manner until all 9 are completed. Once a student passes their test for Orange belt, then they would begin working on the Orange belt sheets, beginning with #1, and so on.

White Belt Traits
1-1 Respect
1-2 Focus
1-3 Obedience
1-4 Self-Control
1-5 Attentiveness
1-6 Teachability
1-7 Self-Discipline
1-8 Punctuality
1-9 Orderliness

Orange Belt Traits
2-1 Humility
2-2 Joyfulness
2-3 Courage
2-4 Patience
2-5 Courtesy
2-6 Truthfulness
2-7 Dependability
2-8 Loyalty
2-9 Responsibility

Purple Belt Traits
3-1 Commitment
3-2 Determination
3-3 Consistency
3-4 Boldness
3-5 Thoroughness
3-6 Kindness
3-7 Tolerance
3-8 Discretion
3-9 Trustworthiness

Blue Belt Traits
5-1 Compassion
5-2 Sincerity
5-3 Listening
5-4 Discernment
5-5 Sensitivity
5-6 Resourcefulness
5-7 Generosity
5-8 Tenacity
5-9 Confidence

Brown Belt Traits
6-1 Cautiousness
6-2 Gratefulness
6-3 Thriftiness
6-4 Forgiveness
6-5 Integrity
6-6 Honor
6-7 Virtue
6-8 Wisdom
6-9 Charisma

Juniors/Seniors Character Sheets

The following sheets are used in the KICK Juniors/Seniors classes for the 5-8 year old students. Each page contains the Word of the Month, it’s definition and a memory verse. Students are expected to memorize the verse as a part of each month’s testing process. Parents are encouraged to download and print off this sheet each month to be informed of and participate in the character training for their children. You can hang it up on the refrigerator or post it somewhere else where you will see it and it will stimulate conversation. We usually take a few minutes in class each week and discuss the traits, why they are important, as well as go over the memory verse.


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