Confidence – Class Plan 24 – Sep 20th-21st

Confidence- having assurance or trust in someone or something .

“Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in Him.” – Jeremiah 17:7

Warrior & Adult Class Plan 24 –

Beginners (Level 1 & 2) – Review All Choke Defenses, Review All Ground Techniques

Link to Videos – Click here to watch the videos for these levels.

Intermediates (Level 3 & 4) – Review Kata, Review All Ground Techniques

Links to Videos – Click here to watch the videos for these levels.

Advanced (Level 5 & 6) – Review Kata, Review All Ground Techniques

Links to Videos – Click here to watch the videos for these levels.

Junior/Senior Classes –

Respect – Treating people like you want to be treated. Admiration or reverence given to a person or thing.

Chi-Tu Do Moves to learn and know this month (click on the link to watch a video):

Stances – Natural Stance & Ready Stance

Blocking – High Block & Low Block

Striking – Punch & Reverse Punch

Kicking – Front Kick & Rear Kick

Accessory Work – Forward Rolls & Blocking Drill

Class Announcements

  1. Next week is test week! That means that this week is the last week to ask questions in class and review for the test. Please make sure that you have all your requirements met for testing. To do this, you will need to consult the Student Handbook and make sure that you have looked through the requirements for, not only your current level, but also the levels before you. If you have been a student for more than 9 months, some of these requirements have changed. They changed back in January and we have been telling you many times in class to take the initiative and get these things done. There are books to read for each level, the character traits have been reshuffled, and their are FAST classes you need to take as well (mostly for adults), among other things.
  2. Physical Fitness testing is next Monday and Tuesday during your normal class time. Remember, the Fantastic 50 is a timed event and has a 25 minute time cap. Watch this video for an explanation of the movement standards and how we score it. If you have done it before, you’re goal should be to beat your score from last time. So log in to ZenPlanner and make note of what you got before and set a goal. Goals we set, are goals we get!
  3. Stripe Testing will happen in your regularly scheduled class on Wednesday and Thursday next week – Sept 27-28. You will be asked to demonstrate the movements you have been working on since July.
  4. Testing Boards are on Friday evening, Sept 29th from 6-8pm. Testing Boards are for those who are ready for their next belt color. If you have 2 stripes on your belt toward the next level, then you should be eligible for boards. Applications for Testing were due last Friday, but if you feel like you may be ready for your next belt, speak with your instructor asap.
  5. Make up Testing – if you miss testing in class (Fitness or Stripe testing, not Boards) due to sickness or other approved miss (not coming to testing because you have a soccer game is not an approved miss), the next available time to test will be Saturday, October 7th at 12:30pm. These are by appointment and you’ll need to sign up for this on ZenPlanner.
  6. Upcoming FAST Classes –
    1. Stress Shooting (Responsible Gun Usage Under Stress) – Saturday, September 30th from 9am-1pm. This training gives you the real life experience of appropriately and effectively drawing a firearm and shooting a real person if and when you ever need to. Sign up here.
    2. Stop Bullies FAST – Our last one of these for the year. If you are a Warrior student who wants to test for Orange belt, you must have taken this class. Click here to sign up.
    3. Weapons & Ground – Saturday, October 14th – Weapons 10am-12pm, Ground 1-3pm. These classes will give you the chance to learn how to harness the power of your adrenaline in life threatening situations, both against an armed attacker and on the ground. For more info and to sign up, click here.
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