What Happened to the Video Blog?

If you clicked on this article then you probably are one of the few students who actually took the time to watch the videos. I want to take a moment to, first off, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to care enough about your training to spend time outside of class to watch and learn from a video. We put special effort into making them and we hope that they continue to be a valuable tool for you. Unfortunately, we have to stop using this medium to share our material and use a better, more direct route. This decision had to be made for a few reasons…

First, since our Chi-Tu Do system was developed from a combining of 4 separate styles, with 4 separate organizations, originally under multiple Grandmasters, there are movements and techniques that have been shared with me (Master Forleo) in confidence that I would teach to my, and only my, students. Using a blog format allows anyone who accesses our website the ability to see and know these things. In respect to my teachers and their material, I must cease from allowing access to it to just anybody.

Second, it it extremely time consuming to create this blog platform twice a week. We were finding that very few of our students were using this medium to see the videos each week, and I felt I could better spend my time getting you access in a different and more direct way – email. This fixes the publicity of the material, our first issue, and will save time in the process.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. I appreciate your understanding and willingness to switch to the email format. To access it, you must first be a current student of mine. If you have a membership with Shepherd-Warrior Martial Arts, and we have your email address on file, then you should have received an email already, giving you access to the ZenPlanner member portal. When you log into the system you’ll see a menu bar on the left that says “Curriculum Videos.” Clicking on that then takes you to the links to be able to access the server that hosts these videos. Then you can navigate to the appropriate level and watch them all!


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