Humility – Class Plan 1-3, Oct 9-10

Humility– being modest and not trying to attract attention to myself.

“Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.”  – Proverbs 27:2

One of the things that Jesus spoke against with great fervor during his ministry was pride and self-righteousness. This criticism was often directed toward the Pharisees, but there is much to be learned for us today as well. The attitude of our hearts is a big deal to God. While there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with being proud of something you’ve accomplished, pride or haughtiness (thinking you are more important that you are) is sinful. I heard a great quote somewhere a while back that said, “Humility doesn’t mean to think less of yourself, it means that you think of yourself less.” It is an attitude of service that puts others first. It comes from the belief that others matter to God just as much as you do.


Class Plan 1-3 (Warriors & Adults) –

Beginners (White & Orange Belts) – Parry, Electric Slap, Single Turn Wrist Locks

Video Links –     Parry        Electric Slap       Single Turns 1       Single Turns 2      Single Turns 3


Intermediates (Purple & Green Belts) – Mitt Work, Dragon Fist, Split to Gooseneck

Video Links –    Dragon’s Fist         Split to Gooseneck


Advanced (Blue & Brown Belts) – Superman Punch, Flowing Ju Jitsu

Video Links –    Superman Punch



Junior/Senior Class (5-8 year olds) – Self-Control

Self-control is your word of the month. Memorize the verse on your Character Sheet and you’ll be well on your way to passing your test at the end of the month. You’ll also need to know how to do the following:

Ready Stance & Long Forward Stance

Parry & Elbow Check

Heel Palm & Reverse Heel Palm

Pivot Rising Front Kick & Side Step Rising Front Kick

Clothes Grab Escapes


Class Announcements –

  1. During the month of October we do a fundraiser called Kickin Cancer, which raises money for Kickin Cancerlocal people struggling through cancer treatments, medical expenses, etc. To participate we ask a $20 donation. You’ll get to wear a pink belt during the month of October and all of the proceeds go to local cancer fighting families. If you have a pink belt already (because you got one in past years) it is still a $20 donation and you’ll get a stripe for your pink belt. If you don’t have a pink belt, you’ll get one at the beginning of October for your donation. Please help us raise our goal of $3000! To reach this, we need at least 150 students to participate!
  2. FAST Weapons & Ground – Saturday, October 14th – Weapons 10am-12pm, Ground 1-3pm. These classes will give you the chance to learn how to harness the power of your adrenaline in life threatening situations, both against an armed attacker and on the ground. For more info and to sign up, click here.
  3. Nerf Wars – Halloween Edition. On Saturday, October 28th, we will be having another NERF Wars night. Cost is $20 per kid and we go from 5:30pm to 9:30pm. We feed and keep your kiddos safe, you go out and enjoy your evening. It’s that simple. Kids can bring whatever NERF weapons they desire as long as their name is written on it somewhere. It’s a fun night for everyone. Sign up by clicking here.
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