Trustworthiness – Class Plan 3-20/21 – September 13th-14th

Trustworthiness means being faithful in the little things.

“So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?.” – Luke 16:11 NIV

Warrior & Adult Classes –

Beginners (Level 1 & 2) – Blocking Drill, Front Headlock Escape & 1st Class Disarms

Video Links –      Blocking Drill          Front Headlock Escape          1st Class Disarms

Intermediates (Level 3 & 4) – Mitt Work, Level 2 Kata, 1st & 3rd Class Disarm Review

Video Links –      Level 2 Kata pt. 1       pt.2      pt.3          3rd Class Disarms

Advanced (Level 5 & 6) – Principles w/ Finishes, Level 2 Kata & Gun Defenses

Video Links –     Gun Defense 1          Gun Defenses 2          Gun Defenses 3

Junior Senior Classes –

Respect – Treating people like you want to be treated. Admiration or reverence given to a person or thing.

Chi-Tu Do Moves to learn and know this month (click on the link to watch a video):

Stances – Natural Stance & Ready Stance

Blocking – High Block & Low Block

Striking – Punch & Reverse Punch

Kicking – Front Kick & Rear Kick

Accessory Work – Forward Rolls & Blocking Drill

Class Announcements

  1. Parking lot construction – over the next couple weeks, our parking lot is going to be rebuilt. We were told that they were going to do 1/4 at a time. Please show patience and grace to one another and to others in the lot as you come and go to and from class. It will be done before you know it.
  2. Adult students must have taken our FAST Basics class to be eligible for an Orange Belt and our FAST Advanced class to be eligible for Purple Belt. If you need to take one (or both) of those classes, your next opportunity to do so will be on Saturday, September 16th. Make sure to sign up on the website by clicking hereOther upcoming FAST classes include: Adrenal Stress Shooting (Sept 30th) and FAST Weapons/Ground (Oct 14th). Keep an eye on ZenPlanner to get signed up for those.
  3. Adult and Warrior students! Your quarterly test is just two weeks away. If you are looking to test for your next belt (not just a stripe), make sure you have all your requirements met. Check the Student Handbook (click here) for the requirements for your next test. Also, don’t forget to look back at past belts and the requirements for those as well. You need to make sure that you have met those as well. There are books to read, Character Sheets to finish with memorized verses and FAST classes to take (among other things). You are responsible to know what you need and to get it done. Please see an instructor if you need help or are confused. Also, make sure to turn in an Application to Appear Before the Testing Board.
  4. During the month of October we do a fundraiser called Kickin Cancer, which raises money for Kickin Cancerlocal people struggling through cancer treatments, medical expenses, etc. To participate we ask a $20 donation. You’ll get to wear a pink belt during the month of October and all of the proceeds go to local cancer fighting families. If you have a pink belt already (because you got one in past years) it is still a $20 donation and you’ll get a stripe for your pink belt. If you don’t have a pink belt, you’ll get one at the beginning of October for your donation. Please help us raise our goal of $3000! To reach this, we need at least 150 students to participate!
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