We understand that raising children is not an easy task, especially when the environment is not conducive to their optimum learning. You work hard at home to provide them with the best possible atmosphere to be successful in their schoolwork and other activities.

Similarly, we also work hard to try and maintain that kind of environment here in the studio as well. Because of this, we occasionally go over some guidelines for parents, relatives and other people that might enter the studio to support your enrolled child during a class or other function.

Parents, we graciously ask that you would

  1. Please maintain low speaking levels. If you need to have a conversation with another person who is waiting for their child, please speak in low tones. This will help to minimize distractions during the class.
  2. Please refrain from shouting to, conversing with or otherwise distracting the students on the floor. Even if it is your child. We try very hard to maintain their attention. If you would like to help coach your child (or others) in their class, please see Master Forleo or Mrs. Dunaway. There are many fun and helpful ways of getting involved in your child’s training. Taking their attention off their instructor(s) is not one of them. Coaching positions are available for patient and willing volunteers.
  3. Please monitor your other children (the ones not involved in class). If you bring a child that is not enrolled, please make sure they abide by these guidelines as well. If you cannot keep them quiet or otherwise occupied, please feel free to take them outside.
  4. Please be on time to drop off and pick them up. Students coming in late cause distractions to the class that has already started and miss out on valuable information or announcements and the warm up. After class, students left for prolonged periods of time experience distress and anxiety. We are not a day care or baby-sitting service and students who leave the studio after their scheduled class has ended are not our responsibility.
  5. Please sit in the appropriate seating provided. If you sit and watch your child during their class, please try to use the black benches. We do understand that seating is limited. Parents ARE allowed to watch their children, but we sometimes do not recommend it and even occasionally caution against it. Some children often spend a lot of time trying to get their parents attention rather than focusing on their instructor or their instructions.

By following these guidelines, you can help us to continue to create an environment that is positive and conducive to your child’s optimum learning. Thanks in advance for your continued support and compliance.