Character Sheets

It is extremely important for us to make sure that we, not only teach great martial arts and self-defense skills, but that we also help each of our students learn more within their walk with God. In this regard, we feel that helping our students build their character to be more Christ-like is so much more important than teaching them to punch and kick.

Warrior Class Character Trait Sheets

Each month in our Warrior classes, there is a worksheet that will cover the Character Trait of the month. The questions on the Warrior worksheets are designed to make them think about the trait and how to apply it to their lives. Warriors should take a little time each month to answer the questions on the worksheet. Warriors will also need to memorize the verse at the bottom of the worksheet and recite it to their instructor at the end of each 5-week testing cycle. Start with the first one and do one per month throughout your training.

Juniors (ages 5-8)

Each month, in the Junior classes, there is a memorization sheet that covers the Character Trait of the month (below). To pass each cycle's stripe test, they will need to have attended at least 5 classes during the cycle, demonstrate the techniques learned in class, as well as recite their memorized verse from their Character Trait Sheet. Testing happens during classes, typically on the last Wednesday and Thursday of the cycle. Keep an eye on the calendar located at the front of the studio for specific dates.
For Warrior Students, each worksheet is numbered and color-coded. Do the color sheets that match your current belt color. There are 9 Character Trait sheets per belt level, as it typically takes 9 months to move from one level to the next. So new students should start with 1-1, which is Respect, for their first month of training. The following month, they would do 1-2, which is Focus. They would continue in this manner until all 9 are completed. Once a student passes their test for Orange belt, then they would begin working on the Orange belt sheets, beginning with 2-1, and so on.