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Shepherd-Warrior Martial Arts provides martial arts and self-defense classes for people ages 5 and up.

We build Confidence, Fitness and Christian Character ​with Care, Encouragement and Discipline.

​Martial Arts is much more than just kicking and punching!

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​Martial Arts training empowers people, young and old alike. Whether a child is lacking focus or confidence, or an adult is looking for a good exercise program that is fun and motivating, our classes can provide exactly what is needed.

We have found that families who train together and develop a common bond between parents and children, build stronger families. Our family-friendly schedule provides that kind of opportunity!
Chi-Tu Do
A "traditional" mixed martial art system that combines techniques and movements from Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu and Eskrima to give you the most well-rounded training available. Great for kids, teens and adults.
Age groups
5-8 & 9-13
Type of class
Weekly training
Karate uniform
Bare feet on mats
Discipline, Respect, etc.
How to Start
2 Week Trial Program - $49
Krav Maga
A eclectic self-defense system created and used by the Israeli Defense Forces that teaches simple and effective self-defense techniques that can be utilized by anyone, no matter the size, strength or ability.
Age groups
14 & up only
Type of class
Weekly training
Workout clothes
Clean mat shoes
Intense Workout
How to Start
Intro lesson & Group class - $20
FAST Defense
These 2-3 hour intro to self-defense style seminars are designed to fit into today's busy schedules, especially if you can't attend a weekly class. Adrenal Stress Training teaches people how to deal with the emotions that often accompany  confrontation.
Age groups
8-13 and 14 & up
Type of class
Seminar - usually on a Saturday
Plain clothes or workout clothes
Clean regular shoes
Small group dynamics
How to start


of Shepherd-Warrior Martial Arts

Character Building

It is extremely important for us to make sure that we help each of our students learn more within their walk with God. In this regard, we feel that helping our students build their character to be more Christ-like is much more important than teaching them to punch and kick. Think about it…if a person consistently demonstrates things like respect, self-control, compassion, courtesy, etc., wouldn’t you think that the likelihood of having to use physical self-defense skills would be lower?


When students, both children and adults, experience success, their confidence improves. Students learn how to set and achieve goals (patches, belts, etc.) and thereby feel better about themselves. Adults often lose some unwanted pounds as they learn to better defend themselves, which helps improve their confidence as well. Our staff of instructors knows how to push you or your child to do their best through both success and setbacks to be a more confident version of you.


Self-defense is the ability to protect yourself against any harm (physical or emotional) by using character skills and making great choices so that you avoid trouble and create peace wherever you go. True self-defense is not just defending yourself against physical aggression, but against poor health, a bad attitude, negative thoughts, injury, and apathy. These are things that we will bring up and talk about in our classes, in addition to teaching you awesome physical skills.

Over 65 five-star reviews

And here are just a few
Mike Johnson
This is a great place to train, especially for kids and families. The staff here are wonderful and will help you achieve any goals you’re looking for on your martial arts journey. Highly recommended.
Rick Kale
Just started taking Krav Maga classes and love it! The instructors are amazing and it’s a solid workout. Would recommend them to anyone looking to get in shape and learn some real world self defense.
Jami Dolbear
This is one of the most valuable places I have studied. Every class is something new. Even if the information is a review there is always something that can be tweaked. I took several years off but when I came back it was like riding a bike. I never truly forgot the information it just got buried. Thank you Dennis and Staff.
Jessica Cummings
SWMA is not just about studying martial arts, it’s also about developing an individual’s character. This mixture of training is ideal for our family and is what we seek when looking for martial arts training for our kids. My kiddo has been attending this dojo for quite a while now and absolutely loves it! Some of his favorite things about SWMA [In the interest of space, I’ll have to summarize, ha!]: Master Forleo, class atmosphere, character development, his classmates.
RJ Haddick
This place is amazing. Want to give your kids a head start in manners, respect, and confidence? These guys are amazing. Great staff, clean dojo and engaging lessons. 6th star of one was available.
Abbey Emmons
This is an amazing company! Excellent teachers! Excellent training! My son is thriving with the lessons he has leaned!
Jodi Haddick
SWMA is an amazing, uplifting, and character building experience for the entire family. Our family has grown through the experiences here and couldn’t be happier with the way our boys have grown through it all. We look forward to what is next! SWMA has their priorities straight and genuinely care about each student.
Jenny Umback
Shepherd-Warrior helped give my 7 year old daughter more confidence in herself and gave her the confidence to get up in front of a group of people she didn’t know. Thank You and we MISS ALL of YOU!!!!
Tiffany Horton
My son has really enjoyed doing online classes with Master Johnson. As parents, we value the character lessons taught each month. Thank you for offering these online classes!

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Shepherd-Warrior Martial Arts
1212 Grand Avenue, Suite 11
Billings, MT 59102
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Experience what Christ-centered Martial Arts can do for you or your children. Our instructors will help empower you or your children for success in life.
​We're located in the Albertsons shopping center at the corner of Grand Avenue and 13th Street West.