The Best Birthday Party in Billings!

In an effort to promote our martial arts school, we are doing something CRAZY!

Shepherd-Warrior Martial Arts are giving away vouchers for 15% off our acclaimed Nerf War Birthday Parties!

Nerf War Birthday parties in Billings

Book Your Nerf War Birthday Party at Shepherd-Warrior Martial Arts Today! 
Come enjoy a 2-hour Nerf War Birthday Party event which includes:

  • Nerf Wars – Nerf guns provided or bring your own!
  • Pizza and drinks for every child
  • Other games and fun for the whole group
  • A quick Martial Arts lesson for all participants
Juniors class at Shepherd-Warrior Martial Arts

Shepherd-Warrior Martial Arts is Billings’ premier martial arts academy, providing self-defense instruction for kids ages 5 and up, as well as teens and adults. Our instructors love working with kids and helping them improve their confidence and self-respect, as well as their level of focus, respect and discipline.

The emphasis of our program is Character Development.

Our goal for each of our students is for them to do better in school and to be respectful and cooperative at home.  

Also through the study of Martial Arts, our students become more confident and self-assured enabling them to be more successful in life.

Our Nerf War parties are a great way for your child to experience the benefits of martial arts training in a no-pressure environment.

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