Top Tips for Improving Wellness and a Better Life

Dennis Forleo
July 16th, 2021
Top Tips for Improving Wellness and a Better Life
By ​Jennifer McGregor
Image courtesy of Pixabay
Are you tired out, stressed out and maxed out?  Would you rather get more wellness and positivity out of your days?  With some thoughtful strategies, you can enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle. 
First, you need to take a hard look at the pattern of your daily life.  Many of us are on the run, and along with that, we often make unhealthy lifestyle choices.  If you’re throwing on makeup during your morning commute, hitting the drive-through for most of your meals, and your version of unwinding is a few minutes of road rage to release some negativity, chances are that you’ll feel better with some adjustments in your routine.  Here are some simple steps to help you develop a sustainable wellness program and live a more positive life.
Clear the clutter.  Spending lengthy periods of time in a disorganized environment can leave you feeling stressed.  When you take the time to declutter your home, you’re setting yourself up for better sleep, improved focus and enhanced mood.  Start by tackling a small area like the kitchen counter, and don’t do it all at once to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  Make sure you give your home a deep clean afterward to effectively remove airborne toxins and allergens.  If you need help with this, hire a cleaning service, which costs between $114 and $200 in Billings.
Choose good foods.  Eating healthy foods is a key to improving your wellness.  Family Doctor recommends ensuring your diet is high in fruits and vegetables, your meats are lean, and your carbohydrates are whole grain.  Drink plenty of water, and when you must eat out, be alert to portion sizes and hidden sugars.  When you need some healthy, on-the-go snacks, opt for foods high in protein such as cheese sticks, peanut butter packs or almonds.  You’ll find that protein-rich choices satisfy your hunger without raising blood sugar levels, which helps keep the cycle of cravings at bay. 
Spend time with Fido.  If you don’t already have a dog in your life, consider adding a furry friend.  Dogs benefit health in many ways by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression and lowering blood pressure.  Spending time with your dog releases feel-good chemicals in your body and reduces stress hormones.  Dogs also tend to keep you more active, getting you out for walks and trips to parks more often.  Your pooch also provides structure to your days, and because he relies on you for food, walks and love, you feel needed and important.
Get some rest.  According to Rush University Medical Center, most of us aren’t getting enough sleep, and it’s hurting our health.  Getting too little sleep can leave you at an increased risk for a stroke or heart attack, regardless of your age, weight, fitness and other lifestyle choices.  If you aren’t getting a full seven hours or more of sleep each night, it may be time to rethink your late-night television programs or web surfing. 
Care for your body.  Are you slumping at your computer screen?  When you rise after a half hour of sitting, do you feel stiff all over?  Do some stretches, get some regular exercise, and embrace good posture.  You’ll find you feel much better, and your body will age better. Our martial arts and self defense classes are a great option for that (the cost of a membership can save you on doctor bills). If you’re tight on time, take a walk on your lunch break a few days every week.  Get out with your pup and explore the neighborhood.  Some experts suggest making oral hygiene a priority as well.  Brushing and flossing a couple times per day can actually impact your overall health. 
Spend time in nature.  Enjoying nature is a boon, whether you’re sitting on a park bench or gardening.  Some researchers found that spending time in nature improves wellness, reducing your risk for stroke, heart disease, obesity, depression and stress.  You even do a better job of coping when troubles come your way.  Even a view of a natural setting can be a benefit to your well-being, so make it a point to incorporate nature into your daily life.
Simple strategies.  Improving your wellness doesn’t need to be difficult, and you can reap big benefits.  Look carefully at your daily choices and take steps to improve your lifestyle.  You’ll find that with some simple wellness strategies, you’ll be on the road to health and happiness!

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