Belt System

As in most martial art schools, we utilize a belt system, with its various colors and stripes, to help organize classes and provide feedback and motivation for our students.

The colors of the belts and number of stripes are indicative of both a student’s time in training and general skill level. Beginning with White Belt, students receive colored stripe tape on the end of their belt if they pass their test at the end of each 5-week testing cycle. After 4 stripes for Juniors and 5 stripes for Warriors, the next test promotion would be for the next colored belt up the ladder. When a Junior student is ready to move up to Warrior class, they would test for their Yellow belt and begin the Warrior progression. Warriors progress through 6 colors before becoming eligible to test for Black Belt.

Junior Student Ranks

  • White
  • Yellow Striped White
  • Gold Striped White
  • Orange Striped White
  • Purple Striped White
  • Green Striped White
  • Blue Striped White
  • Red Striped White
  • Brown Striped White

Warrior Student Ranks

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Orange Belt
  • Purple Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Blue Belt
  • Brown Belt

Adult Black Belt Ranks

  • 1st Degree Black Belt
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • 4th Degree Black Belt (Associate Master)
  • 5th Degree Black Belt (Master)
  • 6th Degree Black Belt (Sr. Master)
  • 7th Degree Black Belt (Associate Grandmaster)
  • 8th Degree Black Belt (Grandmaster)
  • 9th Degree Black Belt (Sr. Grandmaster)

Each colored belt level should take an average student at least five, 5-week cycles to complete. After reaching black belt level, the time increases – we will explain this to you when you get there. In the meantime, at the end of every 5-week cycle we will have a test where, if passed, a student would receive a stripe on the tip of their belt. Eligibility to test does not guarantee that a student will pass or move up. If a student fails a test, they would remain in their current level (giving them time to practice more) until the next testing, where they could try again.