Training Area Protocol


  • Each student should always salute in respect to the training area upon entering and leaving the training floor.
  • Each student’s attitude should be one of respect and enthusiastic and attentive willingness to learn. When it comes to lining up, doing what is told by an instructor, participating in class actions, etc., students should always RUN.
  • When lining up by rank, the line-up should be the highest ranked students beginning on the instructor’s left forming to the instructor’s right.
  • When any upper ranked (4th Degree and up) Black Belt enters the class while in session, the first student or instructor who sees them should call the class to attention and lead them to salute in respect, then continue with the class. The senior instructor present should turn the class over to a junior instructor and personally greet the guest, before returning to teaching the class.
  • When arriving after a class has already begun, the student should wait at the edge of the training area until acknowledged by the instructor and instructed to enter the class formation for training. No student should assume he or she may enter without permission.
  • When any instructor communicates with a student, the student should stand at attention and answer with “Yes Sir”, or “No Sir” (or Ma’am), never with “yeah,” “nah,” or “uh huh,” etc. When being addressed by anyone with an higher ranked belt, stand at attention and answer with a sharp “Sir” (or Ma’am).
  • When addressing any instructor in the studio always use their last name and Mr., Miss., Mrs., Master, Grandmaster, Soke, Dr., etc.
  • During class, it is respectful to address all participating students as “Sir” or “Ma’am” when speaking, or when spoken to, regardless of their rank.
  • To ask a question of the instructor, the student should first raise their hand and await recognition by the instructor. Then, after addressing the instructor in the appropriate manner (saluting and saying Sir or Ma’am), the student should ask their question. After receiving a response, the student should then thank the instructor and salute.
  • When the instructor is teaching a class, show respect by not talking when he or she is demonstrating or explaining something.
  • While seated on the floor, students should keep proper posture. There are three acceptable positions to sit: kneeling, cross-legged, or cross-legged with arms wrapped around knees.
  • Do all exercises to the best of your ability. Students are expected to train hard both at the studio and at home and to be disciplined and cultivate a strong moral character.
  • If you will not be attending a class, please notify the instructor prior to missing the class.
  • Always show courtesy and respect to all those present in the studio. Proper respect will be shown to all ranks.


  • Students should be in proper uniform when on the training floor. On Monday and Tuesday classes, you should wear your “A” uniform, which consists of your uniform jacket, pants and your belt. Other days of the week, you may wear the “B” uniform, which is an SWMA T-shirt, your uniform pants and belt. Female students are required to wear a T-shirt underneath the uniform jacket. It is requested that the T-shirt be the same color as either your belt or your jacket or an approved club T-shirt. Students should be in their “A” uniform at all events in which they are testing for either a stripe or new belt.
  • A student may wear their uniform to and from class. Always leave your belt on when in uniform. You should not wear your uniform anywhere else other than in class or in transit to or from class, unless you are practicing or are a part of a demonstration. It is not a Halloween costume or play thing.
  • If you must retie your belt or adjust your uniform during class, never face your instructor. Instead, turn around and face in the opposite direction to retie your belt or adjust your uniform.
  • Never wash your belt.


  • If a student engages in sparring, it will be done under the supervision of an instructor to ensure safety. Safety gear must be worn to spar. Required safety gear includes a helmet and mouthpiece, gloves, boots and a groin protector (for men). Shin pads are optional, but highly recommended. Safety gear is always available for purchase in the pro shop.
  • Visitors are always welcome, if they abide by our rules. You are responsible for your guests and their behavior.
  • Bring any problems that could interfere with your learning to the attention of your instructor.